De Chroming

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Loco's Customs offers de-chroming services that typically take a day or two to complete and offer a long-lasting finish. Want to make your windows look fantastic without having to do a thing? Well, we got a unique service for you.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Ride

Loco's Customs is proud to offer de-chroming services across the UK. Our team of professionals will professionally remove all chrome, clear coat, and paint from your vehicle to reveal a beautifully polished finish.

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Make Your Vehicle More Brighten & Scratched Free

If you are looking for quality service and don't mind doing a bit of work yourself, you're in the right place! With Loco's Customs on board, we'll be making a massive impact on the look of your vehicle within days.

No more driving around with a dull, dirty, or scratched-up vehicle. Let Loco's Customs brighten up your ride today! Call us now to schedule an appointment!

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